• Friendship Bridge (Brazil–Paraguay)

    Friendship Bridge, Puente Internacional de la Amistad, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay .

    Located on the Paraná River, the International Friendship Bridge connects the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu, in the State of Paraná, to Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay. Its inauguration took place on March 27, 1965, by Presidents Castelo Branco, from Brazil and Alfredo Stroessner, from Paraguay, and represented the strengthening of cultural exchange and business between the two countries.

  • Monday River Falls

    Saltos del Monday, Pdte. Franco, Paraguay .

    The Monday River Falls are located in the city of Presidente Franco, Paraguay, next to Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), and are part of the tourist attractions and the preservation area of ​​the Trinational Region, known as Três Fronteiras, where two rivers (Iguazú and Paraná) and three countries (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay) meet.

    The Monday Falls are located on its left bank in a 9 hectare Municipal Park and are protected on the right bank by the Maharishi Private Nature Reserve, with approximately 450 acres. The waters that pass through the waterfall with an average flow of 100 cubic meters per second fall, without prior warning, from a height of 40 meters, half the height of the falls of the Iguazú Falls in the Iguaçu National Parks / Iguazú.

  • The Tati Yupi Natural Reserve

    Refugio Biológico Tatí Yupí, Cd. del Este, Paraguay .

    The Tati Yupi Natural Reserve is located three kilometers north of the City of Hernandarias, on the superhighway that connects Ciudad del Este with Salto de Guairá. The reserve is constituted by an area of ​​3866 hectares. Tati Yupi, as well as all the protected wild areas of Itaipu Binacional, despite its size, has significant and fundamental importance in protecting a representative sample of the diversity of habitats and species of the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest and a natural protection of the reservoir of the Parana River. In addition, it protects an interesting sample of wetlands and what was once a closed.

  • Itaipú Hydroelectric Dam

    Represa Hidroeléctrica Itaipú Binacional, Foz do Iguaçu - State of Paraná, Brazil .

    The Itaipú Hydroelectric Dam is an impressive attraction that is shared by the countries of Brazil and Paraguay, built on the Paraná River is the largest hydroelectric dam in the southern and western hemisphere and the second largest in the world, capable of supplying energy almost the entire Paraguayan territory and about 25 percent of the territory of a world power such as Brazil. Thanks to the impressive engineering work, Itaipú Binacional has become, since its inauguration in 1984, one of the most visited attractions in the region and a unique show to visit and sightsee.

  • The Museum of the Guaraní Land

    Museo De La Tierra, Acceso Itaipú, Hernandarias, Paraguay .

    The Museum of the Guaraní Land rescues the 10,000 years of Guaraní occupation and culture on the Paraguayan margin of Itaipú. It is part of the dam's Tourist, Environmental and Scientific circuit, and projects internationally the largest archaeological collection from the years of settlement of the area of ​​influence of the reservoir. It contains a careful selection of scientific samples of fauna, flora and minerals of the region that were collected since the beginning of the construction of the Hydroelectric Power Plant. In the micro-cinemas, the visitor will be able to discover that deep Paraguay of rural life, as well as the contemporary face of a vital country that throbs in the eyes of its main filmmakers.